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The innovative, fun and exciting activities and framework for children

Little Tradies will provide:

Practical, trade inspired activities to develop life skills, creativity and resourcefulness by experiencing how things work, move and fit together.

Practical Activities

Little Tradies is the innovative, fun and exciting framework for children ages of 4 to 12 years. It incorporates the fundamental learning of various trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical – including environmental sustainability, recycling and up-cycling educational projects.

Practical Activities

Using a variety of active learning methodologies, children are safely instructed and importantly do the work. Your children develop their finished projects, complete with the required skills and processes. We use Project Based Learning (PBL), Experiential Learning, and Learning by Design enabling Little Tradies kids to learn in a dynamic and experiential way to really challenge their thinking.

Core Tenets

Little Tradies is underpinned by 3 core tenets


Through practical activities children will explore tools, materials and components – including safety measures when using different materials and equipment. Sensorial activities encourage curiosity, experience and experimentation with tactile, visual perception, which includes touch, sound and smell.


Language skills enhances auditory sensorial with their teachers and peers. Listening to instructions of when and how to place materials in their right order. Children aged 6 and above are required to evaluate design solutions using questions, ‘How does it work?, ‘What purpose does it meet?’ or ‘How can it be improved?’


Children explore and utilise the mathematical concepts of measuring, addition, two and three dimensional shapes. Children will be introduced to mathematical concepts relating trades – Example: angles, dimensions, different types of measurement and the importance of accuracy.

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