We’re here to help build the future

As we head into the third term of 2019, I thought it was good timing to start a newsletter on all things Little Tradies with the aim of providing parents an update on the various activities at Little Tradies.

About 18 months ago I came up with the idea of Little Tradies. I had come to the realisation that there was really nothing similar that was teaching young children real life skills, which they could also take with them into a future career in a skilled trade. Let’s face it, there is a serious shortage of tradesmen these days, so you could also be giving your child a leg up into something they may one day make a great living out of.

My upbringing was spent around my father who was very good at working with tools and using his hands. My older brother was really hands on, too, however it missed me as a kid; I’ve basically figured that I have feet for hands.

Being a father of two boys Liam (9) and Aiden (5), I’d like to think they have the opportunity to build a broad range of skills i.e. creating and fixing things for themselves. They both attend Little Tradies where they can learn through highly skilled and experienced instructors such as Steve and Phill.

Little Tradies’ exists with the aim of providing a unique experience for children between 4 and 12 years old. We want to deliver activities that enable problem solving and build confidence, while unlocking their potential in areas they would not necessarily experience in normal school activities.

If we manage to uncover the next ‘chippy’, ‘sparkie’, engineer, mechanic or project manager, then Little Tradies would have been a great start to a future they may not have ever known.

At Little Tradies, we simply aim to build the future.

Thank you for your support so far!

Warwick Kells

Creative Kids

Location: 3/65 Military Rd Neutral Bay – Entry is from Watson Street

Creative Kids

Location: 3/65 Military Rd Neutral Bay – Entry is from Watson Street