Why Trades

At Little Tradies we think trades people are great and we believe play an important role in our economy and our society

Practical activities help children to experience how things work, move and fit together – enabling them to be hands on with the equipment, learn safety techniques, sharing with their peers, builds self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges.


  • ‘tradies have the good life…’
  • According to a study conducted by Indeed (Global job seeking website) in partnership with The NSW Department of Employment says almost 60% of businesses failed to attract suitable applicants for carpenters, plumbers and mechanics.
  • According to this article there’s a national shortage across most trades.
  • Indeed’s Managing Director Australia-New Zealand, Chris McDonald says, “Any young person thinking seriously about their career choices needs to know that tradespeople are in hot demand and will be well into the future. Employers can’t get enough of them and the self-employment prospects are fantastic with niche opportunities across virtually all trades.”

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Little Tradies will provide…

  • Practical activities to help children experience how things work, move and fit together.
  • Children the opportunity to be hands on with equipment, learn safety techniques, share ideas with their peers, build self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges.
  • Children the opportunity to develop problem solving skills when exploring and discussing design solutions.
  • Activities include:
      1. learning about how and why the various tools are used and how they work;
      2. caring for the equipment and tools; and
      3. cleaning and tidying up their work space.

Learn skills for life